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Présentation du work shop de Gilles Aubry, artiste invité,
La Villa Noailles et la Villa Gandarillas, Hyères, 2016.

-Vendredi matin 3h - Introduction, artistic works, practice, topics
Apres-midi 4h  - group listening, recordings brought by the participants
-Samedi matin 3h – Sound archives, sonic evidence and surveillance, sound materiality
Apres-midi 4h – practical exercices, group listening
-Dimanche matin 3h – collage & transcultural montage
Apres-midi 4h – practical exercices, group listening


Site de Gilles Aubry : ear politics

From A to OM (2015)
Installation at Goethe Institute, Bangalore

> epistemological approach of sound archives

Voice recordings of WWI prisoners in German camps, linguistic and phonetic studies Epistemological study of these documents: reference tone (playback speed), diapason, forms and scientists' comments, visualizations
Transposition from one episteme to another (arbitrary) one spatial distribution of the elements.

>> Next step: collective listening, discussion, interpretation, translation, artistic experimentations
>> expo Bethanien Sept 2016

_And who sees the mystery (2014, ongoing)

>> transcultural listening, archive, various presentation formats The Paul Bowles collection of Moroccan traditional music (1959) cultural preservation >> hybrid cultural product Sonic responses by Amazigh musicians
_film 0-3' _photos research zouheir

Artistic collaborations - film + displaying the archive _photos installe bale

Performing the sound archive _Perfo studio audiocue 3'

PhD project « Listen that’s us ! » transcultural listening, thinking through sound, new ontologies

_Nice Rain (Magdi version) >> trancultural & performative listening
_Monter les peaux, 2016 (in progress) >> performing materiality

Approches thématiques
collage & transcultural montage >> multiple perspectives

And who sees the mystery
The amplification of Souls
Pluie de Feu (excerpts), The Laman Encounter
Notes via a Soundscape of Bollywood
DJ Hell

Transcultural listening

Transcultural listening refers to Welsch's definition of transculturalism; he argues that “it is the transcultural which both reflects and is a product of the 'inner differentiation and complexity of modern cultures'” (Welsch 1999: 197). Far from the idea of erasing cultural differences in favour of an “abstract shared humanity” (Willerslev & Suhr 2014: 9), transcultural experience is “formed through an active process of interaction between the self and others – including the anthropologist, informant, and audience – whereby difference is made visible and negotiated” (ibid.).
>> The auditive dimension of transcultural experience, where the experience of otherness becomes the condition for actively engaging in a shared listening experience by enabling “the politics of difference” (Grierson & Brearley 2009: 7).

- Willerslev & Suhr 2014, Transcultural Montage
Performing sound materiality 

amplified souls,
monter les peaux,
jewel of the ear

++ maria chavez
++vinyl terror and horror
++ Stephen Cornford , binatone Galaxy, >> not nostalgy, but about the here and the now...
++ susan Philipsz war damaged musical instruments, Part file Score (Hans Eisler/FBI)

>> exercice : perform with any sound document (or another sound device) and make its materiality audible

Hito Steyerl, In defense of the Poor Image, 2009

Low resolution - Their lack of resolution attests to their appropriation and displacement.
Poor images are thus popular images—images that can be made and seen by the many.
They express all the contradictions of the contemporary crowd: its opportunism, narcissism, desire for autonomy and creation, its inability to focus or make up its mind, its constant readiness for transgression and simultaneous submission.
Altogether, poor images present a snapshot of the affective condition of the crowd, its neurosis, paranoia, and fear, as well as its craving for intensity, fun, and distraction.
The condition of the images speaks not only of countless transfers and reformattings, but also of the countless people who cared enough about them to convert them over and over again, to add subtitles, reedit, or upload them.

Parallel with 'imperfect cinema (1960's) The imperfect cinema is one that strives to overcome the divisions of labor within class society. It merges art with life and science, blurring the distinction between consumer and producer, audience and author. It insists upon its own imperfection, is popular but not consumerist, committed without becoming bureaucratic.

performative listening/translation

Outside of the Plane, Nice Rain (magdi version)
Days that have gone
Le Départ >> ré-écriture
Il Tuo Governo

++ Anna Raimondo, Encouragements (répètes l'archive ds l'espace public) :
++ Ines Lechleitner, A space of translation
++ Alessandro Bosetti, African feedback

>> exercice : record someone describing his/her listening experience to your audio file

observation, documenting, sound images and evidence & surveillance, visualization 

Hi-fi Borders, indian border (shella voices.wav)
The Preview (amateur documentation + unheard voices)
Echoes of light & darkness - an audio report from the Holly Ghost Congress in Lagos

++Lawrence abu Hamdan – forensic sound, aesthetics of evidence and the politics of sound and silence lie detector and The Traum-o-Meter
> Aural contract installation

++ christopher de laurenti : fit the description
++ Ernst Karel, Heard Laboratories
++ HELEN MIRRA AND ERNST KAREL // Maps of Parallels 41ºN and 49ºN

>> exercice : create sonic evidence via recording

Performing the sound archive : organizing and preserving sound >> archive as epistemic structure 
From A to OM
Lautarchiv : >> keywords, the 'tree od languages', no online consultation or download
paul bowles collection, >> few keywords, but download Travelling archives -
dissonant archive Oslo10,
Terminal X >> archive installative
oswaldo lares
sound maps : >> geomixer, sounds of the anthopocene (geophony & anthropophony), KNITSONIK by Felicity Ford: , History Schmistory by Alex Hannay, Felix BLUME (prieres), Harmonic Fields by Dan Fox (site specific wind instal), amazonia, Sirens 2012, global bridge symphony, A Moment Of Silence Milwaukee 2015 (places o homicide), keywords : history, snow, silence, beat, whisper, shout, kill, frogs, affect, explosion, ghost, buzz,natural.

++ Susan Philipsz, Part file Score (Hans Eisler/FBI)
++ CAMP Mumbai, Hum Logos >> phone leaks,
++ Heba Amin, speak to tweet,

Michel Foucault, L'Archéologie du Savoir, 1969
The archive, for Foucault, is what he calls “the system of discursivity” that establishes the possibility of what can be said.

Jacques Derrida, Mal d'Archive, 1995
There is no political power without control of the archive, if not memory. Effective democratization can always be measured by this essential criterion: the participation in and access to the archive, its constitution, and its interpretation.

Sven Spieker, The Big Archive – Art from Bureaucracy, 2008
>> exercice : create a sound archive or map.